Executive Headteacher:Mr Simon Kaufman
 Head of School: Mr Jon Smith

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Our Christian Vision
School Values

We wish you a very warm welcome to the Dodworth St John the Baptist Primary Academy Website. We hope that by visiting us here, you will be able to get a good overview of our curriculum, aims and vision, and get a real sense of what it means to attend our school.  

Our wonderful children are at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves in our community and in providing valuable learning opportunities, building confidence, aspirations, and a thirst for lifelong learning along the way. We provide a safe and secure environment to learn and grow, with trust, compassion, and respect, forming the foundations of our ethos. 

We have high standards and expect the best from everyone, including our adults and pupils in school. We instil resilience and perseverance in our pupils and encourage them to understand that we all gain knowledge through the process of learning and aiming high. 

We believe that all of our children should be given the chance to reach their full potential through spiritual and educational experiences that enable them to be prepared for their future and allow them to have a global impact. 

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which has been designed by carefully considering the sequence and small steps children need to know in order to progress. Our curriculum is intended for all our children to access, regardless of their starting points. 

We aim to widen pupils’ understanding of 21st century life in Britain by developing their understanding of the need for respect and tolerance of all people, regardless of faith, race, and culture. Our PSHE curriculum plays a significant part in this, but British Values are also woven through our whole school ethos, where children learn to share, take turns, be polite, work together and treat each other with respect as soon as they enter our school. 

An important part of our school life is also beyond our school gates – including our families and local community. We have strong links with our local church, where we visit regularly for collective worship and as part of our learning in R.E. lessons. Our newly formed PTA are also making a big impact and organising exciting events for our children and families to enjoy. 

Please feel free to contact us at school if you require any more information about us and the work we do. Our office staff will be more than happy to help, and you can also see information about the national curriculum subjects we teach on our curriculum subject pages. Here, you will also find contact information for our subject and curriculum ambassadors. 

Thank you.

Mr Simon Kaufman
(Executive Headteacher)  

Mr Jon Smith
(Head of School) 

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